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Our Comments
This page has links (on the left) to a couple of items we wrote.

The first is answers to some common questions we get (mostly via e-mail).

The second is a letter to the editor we wrote that we then asked The Daily Camera to not run because almost everything we had to say in it had already been said by numerous others.

The third is the speech we made to the school board at their 2.27.01 meeting.

The fourth is a letter that has been printed in the Boulder Daily Camera (the local paper). In it we do not discuss our point of view, as we think everyone has made up their mind on this issue. What we do discuss is several factual statements that are being repeated by numerous people that are flat-out wrong.

Finally we would like to speak to two final statements that have been made:

  • The school district is reviewing how they handle the science fair. Probably true. However, based on what I have heard, and not heard, I believe they are intending to create rules that will not allow an experiment like this in the future - as opposed to allowing it next time.
  • Issues around race are sometimes more difficult to discuss," school board president Stan Garnett said. "But that doesn't mean they shouldn't be talked about." Stan Garnett may very well have changed his mind on this issue, either because of the political firestorm or because upon further study he decided that he was initially wrong. But initially, after talking to me, and talking to the school administration, he told me that he could not envision any science fair exhibit on the subject of race that would be acceptable. | experiment | comments | editorials | articles

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